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Corona Virus and Staying Open

As of March 25th 2020, we have retooled and have begun manufacturing hand sanitizer in order to donate it to first responders. We have been doing curbside since then. As of April the 1st we were given a warning by the city of San Antonio health department that we could no longer provide curbside service during the in-shelter order. From Monday-Thursday 12pm-7pm I will be doing delivery orders for orders of more than 2 50ml bottles in an area of no greater than 15 minutes away. I'd hate for you to start smoking now during this crises and will do anything, within reason of my sanity, I can so that you don't have to buy another pack of cigarettes. Deliveries only M-Th 12pm-7pm on orders greater than $41 with a delivery fee of $3.


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